Annual General Meeting 2022

As announced, the Club’s Annual General Meeting is scheduled to take place on Saturday 26th November 2022 at 4pm. Thanks for submitting your resolutions and nominations to join the committee. We are now sharing the proposed agenda for the meeting, along with the list of resolutions, nominations for the committee, AGM report and the club’s annual accounts. If you have any questions, please email us directly ( and we will endeavour to respond before the AGM. In addition, do let us know in advance, if you wish to participate in any particular resolution as it will help us to manage the meeting better.

Hybrid format of the AGM

The meeting will be held in hybrid form, which means you can join at the club house or online via Zoom.

We think that offering a hybrid meeting provides an inclusive way for members to engage with club democracy. Attend either in-person or virtually, the choice is yours. If you join the AGM in person, you will be able to see members on Zoom over the TV screen in the club house and hear them through the speakers. If you join by Zoom, you’ll see those in the Club House through a 180 degree webcam and hear them over a conference speaker and a roving microphone.

Register for the AGM 2022

You may choose whether to attend the AGM in-person or over Zoom. Please register your intent to attend the AGM by 24th November 2022. This will help us know how many chairs to lay out and will help us appropriately configure Zoom.

Register to attend the AGM in-person: click here

Register to attend the AGM over Zoom: click here

To attend the AGM and vote on resolutions, you must be a current Full Adult (including concessionary), Young Adult, Student or Daytime member; you must have renewed your membership or joined the Globe since April 2022. Members in receipt of disciplinary action under Clause 12 of the constitution cannot attend the AGM or vote on resolutions.

Country, Social and Junior members cannot vote at the AGM, but may attend as observers. Due to technical limitations with Zoom, we ask that Country, Social and Junior members wishing to attend the AGM do so in-person.