Clay court maintenance

We all enjoy playing on Court 2 Clay. If we all do some basic maintenance, there is no reason why this surface will not last longer for your tennis enjoyment. Its just a few minutes of your time and if done right, you are not only helping your fellow club members but also the overall maintenance of our volunteer driven club. Every time you finish playing, the ‘clay’ must be levelled out over the court (ideal coverage is 2 mm, or the thickness of a 2p coin) so that it completely covers the carpet underneath.  Sweep each half of the court, including the back (between baseline and fence), using the clay drag-mat in the pattern shown .

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See above video on how to brush the court after use.

Use the roller brush to sweep the lines clear. You only need to do this at the start of a match (if you want it) and not every time.

The drag net with a rope ‘handle’ is only used for clearing away leaves and debris, NOT for regular court sweeping.

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