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Community Asset (ACV)

“I believe that the Globe’s use of the land, as the only Tennis Club in Hampstead, advances the social well-being and sporting interests of the local community, and I hope that any nomination for it to awarded ACV status will be successful”

– Tulip Siddiq, MP, Kilburn and Camden

“We are a specialist provision for children with a mixture of social, emotional / mental health difficulties and struggle to be accepted and trusted in different community settings. They have felt so supported and trusted at Globe and really enjoy their tennis. Thank you for the opportunity to use the club free of charge. They absolutely love using the courts to practice as they feel like they are being taken seriously instead of a make shift lesson in the tiny playground that we have at school. I firmly believe that if we can encourage young people to participate in sports & physical activities it will have a great impact upon the emotional and social wellbeing and ultimately their mental health”

– Gloucester House Tavistock Children’s Day School, Millie Fawcett, Class Teacher

“We were approached by Globe Lawn Tennis Club with an offer to provide free coaching to help support our school’s Physical Education program. The children at our school have thoroughly enjoyed the lessons and are responding positively to each coach’s kind and likeable manner. The level of professionalism and quality of the teaching has benefitted our children immensely and we are very grateful for Globe Tennis Club’s support”

– Rosary RC Primary School, Head of school, Ms Isobel Gaffney

“We were invited to the Globe for practice sessions, which then continued for years every Wednesday after school and every Saturday morning. My self-confidence has boosted and I learned a lot of life lessons…it gave me so many skills I use in everyday life today”

– Jason Harris, Resident Russell Nurseries Estate

“Students stated they enjoyed participating and learning a sport that they have previously not done at the school. From this our students have been able to develop and incorporate a wider range of motor skills that they have applied to similar sports in the PE curriculum”

– Haverstock Hill School, Acting Head of PE – Mr. William McWhirter


Globe Lawn Tennis Club has been recognised as an asset of community value (ACV)

The Globe was formed in June 1954 by people of ethnic and racial minorities, at that time excluded to join the traditional tennis clubs. It was called ‘The Globe’ as members came from different countries, had various backgrounds and different walks of life, including survivors of Auschwitz. Ever present in the Club’s history, from the past to the present day, inclusion of peoples from any country, any religion, and based on equality has been the ethos of our club. As we appreciate is the spirit in Camden’s policy – namely to be open, diverse, all-inclusive and pioneering.

The club is well known for reaching out into the community. We run free Easter and Summer Holiday Programmes for local children (from Russell Nurseries Estate) and during term time coach pupils from Haverstock Hill School, Rosary School and Hampstead Parochial Schools. In addition to schools, we also offer tennis for Partially Sighted People and children with mental health problems (Gloucester School).

One of our pivotal concerns is promoting tennis for young children. We have 70 junior members, but beyond this we have 200 children from the community per week who come to club for tennis. During the Holiday Camps an additional 200 children come to our courses. Children are encouraged to take up sports, as it is beneficial for physical and mental health. To keep children active means to keep them healthy and encourage friendships. Child obesity in Camden is above the national average, which is a sad state of affair. Sport for children is important for health and social wellbeing. Our aim is to keep children off the street and on the courts to play tennis.

We have always endeavoured and encouraged children from the Russell Nursery Estate not only to come and take up tennis, but also to be included in the fabric of the club by helping coaches and look after other children. Initially some of the children were not receptive but their attitude changed after they attended our free tennis programmes.

Four years ago we achieved Clubmark accreditation from the Lawn Tennis Association and Sport England, both institutions responsible for maintaining and monitoring high standard in sports in general, and tennis in particular. Clubmark stands for higher standards in welfare, coaching and management in community sports club. Last year we updated this document which is now called Tennismark, designed specific for tennis clubs. It resembles closely to the Camden Active Mark standards.

For the future, we are planning to continue and extend our Outreach Work. We will be offering free tennis programmes to the local schools, to Russell Nursery Children, to Visually Impaired Players and to children with mental health problems. We will continue to work with Haverstock Hill School, The Rosary School, Hampstead Parochial School and Gloucester House School. As budgets for Sports activities have sadly been cut, we are hoping our contributions to these schools and groups is helping. Our tennis programmes will entail free coaching for 2 hours per week in each case. We will continue to give financial support to the schools and other groups in the future. Furthermore we will endeavour to reach out to more local schools offering our free tennis facilities, particularly to children with special needs (Gloucester House School). We are also planning to continue with offering reduced membership fees for the under waged and the elderly.

Globe Tennis Club is fully aware of their important role in the community and committed to continue with our historical ethos of diversity, inclusion and equality – reflecting the spirit of the population of Camden There is no price one can put on an asset like the Globe, its importance to the fabric of Camden and London is priceless and it is these types of local amenities that make this city what it is today.

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