Court Allocation and Match Schedule

On this page, you can find the court allocation schedule. Currently, the schedule for autumn 2022 is displayed Please note that during the school half term the allocations are somewhat different.


Winter League matches, 2022-23

This season, home matches will be held on the following dates:

  • Thurs 27th Oct 2022 (mixed doubles vs Finchley II)
  • Thurs 3rd Nov 2022 (women’s doubles vs Elmwood I)
  • Thurs 10th Nov 2022 (men’s doubles vs Ravenscroft)
  • Thurs 24th Nov 2022 (mixed doubles vs Farm Walk)
  • Thurs 12th Jan 2023 (women’s doubles vs Brondesbury)
  • Thurs 26th Jan 2023 (men’s doubles vs Oakleigh Park II)
  • Thurs 9th Feb 2023 (women’s doubles vs DL Finchley II)
  • Thurs 23rd Feb 2023 (mixed doubles vs Elmwood I)
  • Thurs 16th Mar 2023 (men’s doubles vs Paddington II)
Courts 4 and 5 will be reserved between 7.00pm and 9.30pm for these matches.
Come on down and cheer on your teams!

Court allocation for Autumn 2022

Court allocation for Autumn Half-Term 2022