Court Allocation and Match Schedule

On this page, you can find the court allocation schedule and a list of home fixtures for competitive matches.

Court allocation for January to April 2023

The court allocation for February half-term (w/c 13 Feb) and the Easter holidays (3 – 16 Apr) slightly differs. See information posted in the club house for more details.

Summer 2023 League matches: home fixtures

This season, home matches will be held on the following dates. Courts 3, 4 and 5 will be reserved between 6.30pm and 9.30pm for these matches.

  • Tues 2nd May 2023 (mens II vs South Hampstead II)
  • Thurs 11th May 2023 (womens I vs Chandos III)
  • Fri 12th May 2023 (womens II vs Chandos IV)
  • Mon 15th May 2023 (mens III vs UCS Old Boys II)
  • Tues 16th May 2023 (womens III vs Temple Fortune IV)
  • Thurs 18th May 2023 (mens IV vs Chandos VI)
  • Fri 19th May 2023 (womens II vs Chandos IV)
  • Mon 22nd May 2023 (womens I vs Chandos III)
  • Tues 30th May 2023 (mens I vs Totteridge I)
  • Thurs 1st June 2023 (mens II vs Oakleigh Park I)
  • Mon 12th June 2023 (womens III vs Oakleigh Park III)
  • Tues 13th June 2023 (mens IV vs Brondesbury V)
  • Thurs 15th June 2023 (womens II vs Finchley I)
  • Mon 19th June 2023 (womens I vs DL Finchley II)
  • Thurs 22nd June 2023 (mens II vs Temple Fortune I)
  • Mon 26th June 2023 (mens I vs Brondesbury I)
  • Tues 27th June 2023 (mens III vs Elmwood II)
  • Fri 7th Jul 2023 (womens III vs Chandos IV)
  • Mon 10th Jul 2023 (mens II vs Regents Park II)
  • Thurs 13th Jul 2023 (womens II vs DL Finchley IV)
  • Tues 18th Jul 2023 (mens IV vs Coles Green II)
  • Thurs 20th Jul 2023 (womens I vs Totteridge II)
  • Mon 24th Jul 2023 (mens I vs Chandos III)
  • Mon 31st Jul 2023 (mens III vs Farm Walk I)
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