Court Allocation and Match Schedule

On this page, you can find the court allocation schedule and a list of home fixtures for competitive matches.

Court allocation for Sept to Dec 2023 (not including Oct half-term)

League matches: home fixtures

This season, home matches will be held on the following dates. For the Middlesex Winter League 2023-24, Courts 3 and 4 will be reserved between 7.00pm and 9.30pm for these matches.

  • Thu. Sep. 14 Men’s Doubles
  • Thu. Sep. 21 Mixed Doubles
  • Thu. Sep. 28 Women’s Doubles (1st team)
  • Thu. Oct. 12 Men’s Doubles
  • Thu. Oct. 19 Mixed Doubles
  • Thu. Oct. 26 Women’s Doubles (1st team)
  • Thu. Nov. 9 Men’s Doubles
  • Thu. Nov. 16 Mixed Doubles
  • Fri. Nov 17 Women’s Doubles (2nd team)
  • Thu. Jan. 11 Women’s Doubles (1st team)
  • Fri. Feb 2 Women’s Doubles (2nd team)
  • Thu. Feb. 8 Mixed Doubles
  • Thu. Feb. 15 Men’s Doubles
  • Fri March 1 Women’s Doubles (2nd team)
  • Fri March 29 Women’s Doubles (2nd team)
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