Equality & Diversity

Click to Download/Print the British Tennis Diversity and Inclusion Policy for Globe LTC

True to its history dating back to 1954, The Globe Tennis Club is committed to ensuring it remains a diverse, accepting and accessible tennis club to all sections of society.  The Globe adopts LTA policies that considers and champions Equality, Diversity and Inclusion issues throughout all aspects of the club by welcoming diversity, accepting difference and challenging all forms of discrimination and unjust behaviour.

We use the UK Sport’s Equality Standard to guide our principles and behaviour in and out of the club . We will continue to progress our efforts to widen access and reduce inequalities in our community. Some of the areas we are focusing on are Women and Girls in tennis, providing accessibility and support for disabilities and women leadership.

We actively challenge any and all forms of homophobic or transphobic abuse or discrimination il mio blog. We will continue to put effort and resources into creating equality in our tennis club to ensure the principles of “Fair Play” are upheld and the sport continues to grow and diversify.

We request all our members to follow the British Tennis Diversity and Inclusion Policy for Globe LTC as a guide to treating everyone with respect and equality. If you are a victim of inequality or has witnessed one please report it to the committee at support@globetennisclub.com

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