New Membership Application

All membership categories, fees and FAQs are displayed below.

The Globe caters for players of all ages and has a thriving juniors section. The fees and joining subscriptions are on a sliding scale depending on the age and category of membership. A short play-in session or a phone conversation is required in order to become a full member. You don’t have to be a pro but you do need to be able to play and enjoy the game with other members. If you are a little rusty, our Improver category can help you hone your skills until you are ready to move up to full membership. And, if you are a total beginner, and just love the game of tennis, our coaches can arrange customised lessons to help you pick up the game and move to the improvers group. Now, if you have been reading this far, you are definitely enthusiastic. So, why not read through & apply?

**You will not be paying anything until your membership is approved
The Full Membership category entitles a member to book courts and play at any time. There is usually a short play-in session to qualify for membership.

Entrance Fee: £200

For members in the daytime category the booking of courts and play is restricted between 9:00am and 5:00pm Monday to Friday.

Entrance Fee: £100

Students & Under 24
The Student and Under 24 membership category is open to those in full time education or under the age of 24. Members of this category enjoy all the benefits of a full member, but pay reduced joining and entrance fees. As with Full Membership a short play-in is required before joining. Student ID is required as proof.

Entrance Fee: £75

To qualify for junior membership the applicant must be between 7 and 15 years old. Specific courts and playing times are reserved for junior members. Please refer to the current junior schedule for information on group coaching sessions and court priority.

There is No Entrance Fee

The Improver category is for players who are not quite up to the club’s playing standard. Playing times from 8a.m. to 12p.m. on weekdays and from 5p.m. on weekends. Group coaching is provided on Sundays from 5.30p.m.

Entrance Fee: Nil

Red Group: under 7s
For children under seven years old, with access to training sessions on Sundays.

Entrance Fee: NIL

For members living outside London, this membership allows you to play six weekends in a year.

Entrance Fee: Nil

Family Concession

Entrance Fee: £200
Annual Membership: £1040
Couples + 2 children

Entrance Fee: £200
Annual Membership: £1040
2 Junior Membership for price of one.

Questions or Concerns

What is the membership period?

All our memberships are annual rolling period. You join for a year any time, any day.

I get the weekly emails. Am I a member?

We send emails to our current & past members unless you choose to opt out. Please email us at if you are having issues unsubscribing.

How do i know my membership has been approved?

You will receive details of how to pay and activate your membership on email

How do I become a member?
What are the membership levels and how much are they?

Please scroll up to see all membership categories & costs. You do not need to be certain of which category. You can simply APPLY FOR MEMBERSHIP

Why should I become a member?

By joining us you not only get access to great tennis facilities, excellent coaches and tennis players but you also contribute our community initiatives

Who is eligible for membership?

We welcome everyone. From excellent league players to beginners. The best way is to VISIT US ON WEEKENDS

Is the membership an equity membership?

No. The committee is run by volunteer members who also work with Camden Council and LTA to promote sport.