Membership T&C

  • Please familiarise yourself with the court booking rules and the court allocation schedule by clicking on the links. These are also displayed in the club
  • If anything is unclear, email us or ask the coaches or committee members present at the club
  • When you bring a guest (you can bring the same guest six times in one year only), please sign them in the guest book downstairs AFTER you have paid the guest fee online on our website and BEFORE commencement of play (£8 on weekdays and £12 on weekends). This allows for two hours of play. Please follow our guest fee rules
  • Sweep clay court after use before your hour is over. Always make sure that you have collected all tennis balls, bottles, tennis equipment (cones, portable nets) and leave the court in a good and clean condition
  • Only TENNIS shoes allowed. If you or your guest wear other sport shoes (running, football), you will be asked to change or leave as they can damage the court
  • If you use the key to switch the floodlights on, make sure you switch them off with the key after your session. Failing to do so, the floodlights will switch on automatically in the morning which is both expensive for the club (members) and damaging to the environment! We will have to impose a penalty for non-compliance
  • We have a busy junior and community programme and all children are very welcome in the club. Out of respect for all other members, please ensure that your children are supervised at all times and behave and treat the club facilities respectfully
  • We run various community and school programmes. These differ each season. Some groups come and play independently and might not be fully familiar with the booking system so we request our members and coaches to please be respectful and help them where needed
  • The inner door to the clubhouse MUST always be closed (apart from match days when it is being kept open for the teams to have access to the club). The main door is locked in the evenings. If you want to play early in the morning you can request one of the committee members for a master key and pay the key cutting charges  – Provision of master key is subject to agreement and adherence of our security & safeguarding terms & conditions
  • We do not offer refunds of membership fees. Exceptional circumstances will be considered at the committee’s discretion.
  • Remember – the club is run by volunteers, we appreciate your feedback, cooperation and some helpful advice. Many issues can be resolved by contacting the committee using the form below. We also have a suggestion book in the bar. If a matter requires more deliberation it will be discussed at the committee meeting.