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Slinger R2D2 – Ball Machine Rental (3 x 1 hour sessions)


Prior to using Slinger ball machine, please familiarise yourself with the rules and technical instructions:

Globe Slinger rental rules (PDF)
Slinger instructions (PDF)   Link to Slinger video (YouTube)

Please follow the rules below. Please help us jointly use the Slinger machine to everyone’s satisfaction.

  1. The Slinger machine can be used by at least two people at any time (subject to general booking rules) or by a single person at non-peak times.
  2. The cost of using the machine is £5/h but needs to be purchased as block of 3 credits (each worth an hour of machine use). These can be used over time.
  3. Every time, prior to using the machine please send an email to with your name, the time and date of use.
  4. The balls are provided by the club and are clearly marked (RED dot). Please look after, collect and return all the balls. Replacing lost balls will incur an additional charge
  5. When finished please return the Slinger to its place, ensure all its parts are there. DO RETURN THE REMOTE INTO THE SIDE POCKET! Pack the oscillator into its case. 
  6. Leave the Slinger machine to charge before leaving. 
  7. Complete the final check and if required lock the device.
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