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Middlesex summer leagues run from mid-May to early August and is followed by the winter league.
The Globe LTC usually participates in four different summer leagues from premier to ‘division 5’ and three categories in the winter leagues. To be eligible to represent your club, you must have a current British Tennis Membership number.
Please get in touch with the captains or email


  • Men’s 1: Tom Brady
  • Men’s 2: Jeremy Van Vlymen
  • Men’s 3: Chris Busey
  • Men’s 4: Laurence Zentner 
  • Ladies 1: Alice Jardine
  • Ladies 2: Lizzie Keene
  • Ladies 3: Gudrun Wolff


  • Mixed doubles: Catherine Simpson
  • Mens doubles: OIiver Brown
  • Ladies doubles (1st team): Sally Hamacher
  • Ladies doubles (2nd team): Gudrun WolffGudrun

The Home Matches for the 2023 season will be published here, in our bulletin and displayed in the club house. This will help you plan your own playing schedule and to come and support the Globe.

Club Tournaments 2023: The biggest event of the club is the Summer Tournament. We also run internal Junior Tournaments, Cup of Nations and other smaller competitions from time to time for members. Lookout for our bulletins for more details. Meanwhile, if you have any questions, please contact

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For all other enquires please email the relevant area.