Safety & Security

The Globe LTC is committed to ensuring the safety and welfare of its members and visitors at all times.


The Club’s Sun Safety Policy is part of this commitment. The Club ensures that the Policy is understood and adhered to by its members, coaches, volunteers and visiting players at all times.

• We ask children to arrive sun protected and with SPF 30+ sun protection
• We recommend players wear appropriate clothing (long sleeves, hats, wraparound sunglasses and long shorts)
• We promote the importance of hydration, and ensure there are sufficient water breaks during coaching sessions and play
• We recommend taking shade breaks as necessary
• We spread the word on the importance of sun protection
• We work with parents to help them support our sun protection efforts
• We lead by example

– Coaches, adult members and parents endeavour to make sure that they are seen to be protecting themselves from the sun by applying sunscreen to themselves, dressing appropriately, remaining hydrated and avoiding extreme temperatures. Staff should check that everyone is protected before a session starts, and that sunscreen is reapplied as necessary.

• We display sun safety guidance prominently in the Clubhouse


– Coaches, adult members and parents should endeavour to take care of their personal belongings. The club will not be responsible for lost items.

  • We request everyone to leave lost items in our lost and found box
  • If theft is suspected, we will review our security cameras and other systems to investigate
  • If you suspect a break-in or any other un-lawful incident, please contact the police and report it to our club welfare officer


The Globe LTC is committed to prioritising the safe and inclusive recruitment, induction, training and support of all its volunteers.

Recruitment process
Advertising: The Globe LTC uses appropriate ways to advertise for volunteers, through the Clubhouse notice board and other informal channels, guided by the principles promoted by the LTA regarding safe recruitment.

Selection: Potential volunteers meet with a member of the Management Committee or other suitable representatives of the Club to discuss suitability for the role and to ensure their clear understanding of the Club’s commitment to a safe and inclusive tennis environment. The selection process aims to ensure that volunteers are fit for purpose, and that they have the right skills for the role allocated and won’t risk our aim to provide a safe, inclusive and fun environment for all.

Criminal Records checks: The Globe LTC follows LTA safe recruitment and best practice guidance, ensuring that everyone who works unsupervised with children, young adults and at-risk adults has an enhanced criminal records check. The Globe LTC wants to ensure these groups are safe from harm and have an enjoyable tennis experience.

Coaches’ qualifications: all our coaches are LTA accredited

To help create a safe and inclusive tennis environment for all children and adults, the Club has a Welfare Officer who has attended the relevant LTA Safeguarding training and has the relevant skills to undertake the role. Information about the Welfare Officer is prominently displayed on the Globe LTC’s notice board and website.

All Globe LTC volunteers, coaches and members are bound by its Safeguarding Policy and its Safe and Inclusive Code of Conduct.

*for further details regarding the Club’s recruitment procedures, contact the Globe welfare officer at

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