Tennis for Her

Miss Hits

Meet the Miss-Hits characters: an all-girl group who love tennis and think that being sporty is as cool as it is healthy. They’re here to encourage girls aged 5 – 8 to play tennis in our fun and lively starter programme.

Every session is based around a Miss-Hits character, with each teaching their own signature tennis shot, along with tips, tricks, games and dance routines – all in a fun and friendly environment.

The girls will make friends, gain new skills, build their confidence, be girly and most of all, have lots of fun. And whether they are a sporting natural, or have never held a racket, the session plans are suitable for all levels.

Women in Sports

We run all paid for coaching camps for groups that need more encouragement to take up sports. We are currently running several programmes in Camden to promote more women to take up Tennis by making it accessible and enjoyable for them