VI Tennis

Photographs Courtesy: Jonas Anderson & Siorna Ashby

Join us every other Friday evening to discover the joy of playing VI tennis outdoors on quiet and sheltered courts. Suited to all players in the B2 – B5 categories and experienced B1 players. VI Tennis is a great way to improve your physical and mental health and wellbeing and you don’t need to be a talented sports person to experience the benefits.

If you need inspiration you can always talk to one of our world leading VI players Naqi Rizvi, a semi-finalist of the International Blind Tennis Association tournament in Dublin last month ιστοσελίδα. He only started playing VI (visually impaired) tennis in January 2016 and is number four in the world now. Naqi trains at Globe Tennis Club and in his own words

“I was really, really keen to get more practice and thought I’d give it a go at Globe. Globe full time members like Robert Deane, Zoe Davenport and Jenny were very welcoming and arranged for volunteers to play with me. Being able to practice weekly is a massive help. I can now work on the things I want to work on and get to meet new people.”
— Naqi Rizvi, World Leading VI Tennis Player

The Globe tennis club now puts on fortnightly VI sessions, and Naqi is a full member who arranges games with club volunteers and fellow VI participants.

If you would like to volunteer please email us at

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