We march on!

As you all know, after nearly over two years of campaigning with petitions, meetings, endorsements and research documents, Camden have finally given the Globe Tennis Club a new 15 year lease with no break clause. A lease of life.

What a difference a year makes; and what a difference our supporters make. Initially it looked very much as if the tennis club site would be sold off and turned into new homes. It was a difficult argument to win. However, we tried and finally succeeded.

Together with you, our supporters, we were able to argue that the Globe was a real community asset. We were and are part of the fabric of the neighbourhood, an open air sports facility teaching children from several of the local schools, inviting residents from the nearby estate, running summer camps and special needs coaching not to mention being a welcoming club for members, their families and guests. We compiled a huge list of endorsements from diverse groups: members, some of whom had been part of the club for generations, local residents and cross party politicians. Our relentless lobbying paid off and we were formally defined as a ‘community asset’, which added further safeguarding to the space.

We have already expanded some of our work. We now run a Miss Hits programme to encourage young girls to take up the game. We have regular Visually Impaired sessions with adults who are given free coaching. We have invited the women and children from the local estate to free coaching programmes and we are expanding our work in the local schools.

None of this could have been achieved without your backing. You, our members, neighbourhood friends and colleagues have been invaluable in securing our future. Your enthusiasm buoyed us. Your belief in our cause gave us determination. Your support gave us the endorsements we needed. As a result we have been able to buck the trend. At a time when valuable sports facilities are being sold off to the highest bidder, we have kept our open space for sport and for our community.

So, a huge thank you to all of you who believed in us and supported us.