Wimbledon ballot

Have you linked your Globe Tennis Club membership to your British Tennis Membership Number and Opted In to the Wimbledon Ballot?
Remember to do this by February!!

Do you have an Adult (age 18+) or Junior (age 9-18) British Tennis Member (BTM)? British Tennis Membership is free to all Adult and Junior Members of affiliated clubs like the Globe LTC. The number of Wimbledon tickets we get allocated is based upon the number of BTMs we have. We encourage all our members to apply for BTM.

British Tennis Membership will offer the following benefits: 

  • Eligibility to enter club ballot for Wimbledon tickets
  • Access to an online members-only area
  • Discounts on pre-Wimbledon events
  • TeamCard and LTA player rating

In addition, all team players competing for the club will need to be a member of British Tennis. So, if you haven’t already done so, sign up now – it costs nothing and brings you lots of benefits.

How to join:  Online via the LTA website www.lta.org.uk

Or you can call a free number: 0845 873 7202

As an affiliated tennis club, the Globe LTC is allocated a fixed number of tickets for the Wimbledon Tennis Championships. Our allocation is based upon the number of members who have signed up for British Tennis Membership by the end of November of the previous year.